Monday 25 May 2020
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JEWELLERY INFOMEDIA  the Pioneer, India based on Diamond and Jewellery Trade Promotion Magazine.

JEWELLERY INFOMEDIA  will enable you to finalize your marketing strategy.

JEWELLERY INFOMEDIA  Present at all the major, International and domestic trade fairs; you will always be visible.

JEWELLERY INFOMEDIA is a high quality lush and lavish Magazine, printed by state of the art machinery.

Special Issues on major events, shows, exhibitions say – Basel – Switzerland Special, JCK – Las Vegas, USA Special, Bangkok Show  IIJS – India, Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Show Special – HK, same special issues are publishing with an exclusive & Honey-bee-like collective matters, facts figures, details & data’s, interview etc. by focusing Gujarat, Rajasthan shows. Which are related to our Gems & Jewellery Industry?

Even today JI  has enjoyed a feel good factor in addition to be pioneer by publishing bi – monthly issue! It’s a grace of our valued readers, valued advertisers & Co-operative well wishers to be a real helping hand; with encouraging readership.

We facilitate and encourage participation of Indian exporters at International Trade Fairs worldwide especially for the newly open areas.

“JEWELLERY INFOMEDIA ” A Diamond and Jewellery Trade Promotion Magazine provides jewelers, diamond dealers and manufactures with the key analytical information they needs to succeed in the diamond industry. Pricing availability and market information in the Magazine provides a critical edge in the complex and competitive Diamond, Gems & Jewellery marketplace.

Our mission is to give our subscribers the best information – quickly, efficiently and consistently. We believe that knowledge is power, and we believe in sharing our knowledge with you so that you can develop your business.

Our trade editorial consists of mining news, industry insights, fair news, latest Jewellery trends and business trends in the international Gems & Jewellery industries. “JEWELLERY INFOMEDIA” has become a steady and reliable source of information on an international scale, with foreign correspondents in the Bangkok, Hong Kong, Israel and USA. Our goal is to cover diamond hot news and to anticipate and promote the newest developments in the sector with reports, articles, and news flashes and in depth interviews.

It also achieves notable media mileage and capacity to grab a valuable scope for the projection and publicity of the companies featured therein.